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Come hang out with Emma and Chloe, creators of MusicBox, while they explore a new piece each episode. This podcast features interviews with guest musicians about music they love. No prior knowledge necessary: you don’t need to know how a violin works, when Mozart was born or where Beethoven lived, just come along and let us help you explore this music for yourself! 

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Update + Happy Anniversary Outside the MusicBox

Happy 1 year Outside the MusicBox anniversary! Here is an update about what’s next for this podcast.    Get in touch with us! DONATE: PayPal.Me/OutsideMusicBox  Facebook: @MusicBoxConcerts  Instagram: @musicboxconcerts  Twitter: @OutsideMusicBox Email: concerts.musicbox@gmail.com Website: http://www.musicboxconcerts.com  
  1. Update + Happy Anniversary
  2. Kristian Bezuidenhout
  3. Annette Isserlis
  4. Julie Roset
  5. Shaun Lee-Chen

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