Joshua Weilerstein

Conductor Joshua Weilerstein chats about Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony, nerdy piano improvisation duels, and how cultural identity shapes our way of listening to music. 


Useful links:

Spotify playlist for Joshua’s pieces 

Spotify playlist for main pieces 

Spotify playlist for final question pieces 


Other useful links:

Ludwig van Beethoven 

Lausanne Chamber Orchestra performs all of Beethoven’s symphonies 

Article explaining Beethoven’s challenging of Steibelt to a piano improvisation duel 

Reenactment of a piano improvisation duel of Beethoven vs Steibelt in Vienna at the turn of the 19th century 

Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony 

NPR article about the Eroica Symphony 

The riot in the audience at the premier of Igor Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring 

Mahler’s Symphony No. 6 

Jan Swafford’s book on Beethoven 

Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 conducted by Leonard Bernstein 


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Instagram: @joshuaweilerstein 

Twitter: @joshweilerstein 

Sticky Notes podcast hosted by Joshua

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