Shaun Lee-Chen

Violinist Shaun Lee-Chen talks about Chausson’s Poeme, the original cycling hipsters, and old recordings.


Useful links:

Spotify playlist for Shaun’s pieces 

Spotify playlist for main pieces 

Spotify playlist for final question pieces 


Other useful links:

Ernest Chausson’s Poeme 

Violinist, Eugene Ysaye 

Maurice Ravel’s Tzigane 

Violinist, Jascha Heifetz 

For a deep dive nerd out on 19th-century ways of performing, you can check out Emma’s Masters thesis here: 


Support Shaun:

Shaun playing *viola* in a duet with Christian Li playing violin 

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra 

Shaun’s position as lecturer at the University of Western Australia 

Shaun playing on the UWA Conservatorium of Music Youtube channel 


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