Kristian Bezuidenhout

Keyboardist Kristian Bezuidenhout talks about Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, obsessing over recordings as a teenager, and the dichotomy of Bach as both a total genius and also just a working guy.


Useful links:

Spotify playlist for Kristian’s pieces 

Spotify playlist for main pieces 

Spotify playlist for final question pieces 


Other useful links:

Johann Sebastian Bach 

St. Matthew Passion background information 

English translation of St. Matthew Passion text 

Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) in Leipzig, Germany, where St. Matthew Passion was premiered 

History of St. Matthew Passion being performed in the Netherlands 

John Eliot Gardiner 

John Eliot Gardiner’s 1989 recording of St. Matthew Passion





Viola da Gamba, or Viol/Gamba for short 

Basso Continuo, or Continuo for short 

A discussion on some problematic aspects of the Bach Passions 


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